Corn is a pillar of U.S. agriculture: In 2008, 26% of the crop area harvested was for corn. It has the highest crop value - $47.2 billion, almost twice that of soybeans, the second highest. Corn is the major ingredient of livestock feed. It also plays a role in almost all processed food and drink, in the form of corn syrup.

Here in Illinois, corn fields are visible almost everywhere, as Illinois is in the world-famous Corn Belt.

This site is all about corn: From the practices of corn production to the relationship between corn and economy, from organic agriculture to biotechnology, it explains in plain and easy language for every layperson to understand.

The distinguished College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois ranks among the 10 best in the United States, due in part to world-renowned achievements relating to maize (corn) breeding and genetic research. Many professors here have been extremely helpful in providing information, knowledge and opinion. (See About this site)

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